Bull Horn
Wood Fire Roasted Coffee

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  • Single Source

    All of our coffee beans are grown, hand-selected and fire-roasted on our family farm in Nicaragua.

  • Wood Fire Roasted

    Bull Horn™ coffee is made using a traditional method of roasting the beans over an open wood fire.

  • Gourmet Taste

    Wood fire roasting makes for a unique flavor. It can be described as full-bodied, silky and aromatic..

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Bull Horn™


Specialty Wood Fire Roasted Coffee

Try this single origin fire-roasted specialty coffee. The flavor can be described as dark, velvety & very aromatic without any bitter after-taste. All of our coffee bean are hand selected from our family farm in Nicaragua, and are then sold directly to you.

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 Traditionally Roasted Over an Open Fire

 All Natural Traditional Nicaraguan Farming

 Sourced from a Single Farm in Nicaragua

Bull Horn Wood Fire Roasted Coffee

Wood Fire Roasted CoffeeWood Fire Roasted is Better

The secret to our signature flavor is a tradition that goes back to the very roots of coffee consumption. The coffee beans are pan roasted over a hard wood fire. Our experienced coffee masters pan roast the beans allowing just the right amount of heat and smoke to produce a flavor that simply can not be matched. This gives the coffee a slight (not overwhelming) smokiness, and a rich yet smooth finish. This is a must try for coffee connoisseurs. Good pairs for this coffee include chocolate, baked goods and sweet breads.

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Bull Horn™ Buzz

Really great coffee! I have traveled the world and had French coffee, Korean Coffee but this is my favorite.

J. Mathesius

The slight smokiness was very tasty. It was rich and smooth. I noticed that the finer you grind it the more aromatic it is. Smells so good fresh ground.

Becky P.

The coffee is very good in a french press. I will be making this my daily choice.

Brad Dearing

Hats off to you roast master. It was refreshing to try something different.

Justin Paulson

I have never had open fire roasted coffee until I tried you bull horn coffee. I was surprised that the flavor was not burnt, but rather rich and smooth. The smoke flavor was very subtle, which is good because it is not overwhelming

Irina M.

Product Details


City Roast - Specialty Wood Fire Roasted

Tasting Notes

Well defined aroma, medium body, pleasant sharpness, notes of bakers chocolate and brown sugar, smooth finish.


Nicaragua - Sourced from Our Family Farm

Nicaragua Map of Country Coffee Club

Our family grows some of the finest coffee in the world in the village of Jalapa. This farm is cultivated by our family using traditional Nicaraguan methods that are all-natural. The coffee beans are hand-picked, dried to perfection and pan roasted over an open fire all in this single location.

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